Saturday, August 20, 2011

What is cc and bcc on email?

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When my first time to compose email, I’m just curious! What are the CC and BCC fields for? 

Here is my review:

There is a certain etiquette sending email, especially in the use of the carbon copy (cc:) and blind carbon copy (bcc:) fields. It is courteous to add addresses to the 'cc:' field if those people need to know about the subject but are not required to act on the contents.

Cc: stands for "carbon copy."

When you send a message to more than one address using the Cc: field, both the original recipient and all the recipients of the carbon copies see the To: and Cc: fields including all the addresses in them. (To and Cc is almost the same).
Anyone listed in the Cc: field of a message will receive a copy of that message when you send it. All other recipients of that message will be able to see that the person you designated as a Cc: recipient has received a copy of the message.
That means every recipient gets to know the email addresses of all the persons that received your message. This is usually unpleasant and nobody likes their email address exposed to the public. 

Bcc: stands for "blind carbon copy." 

Using BCC protect your recipients' private email addresses from being spread to strangers and to prevent spam and using BCC messages are easier on your readers because the messages contain less text to sift through. It provides a way of addressing messages to more than one person so that everyone's address is not displayed for all to see. All email includes the web-based email services, allow you to address messages using BCC. In other words you can "BCC" one or more recipients when sending a message. Some require that you provide at least one address in the TO: field before sending. If this is the case with your email client (program, application), place your email address in the TO: field. Keep your recipients' addresses in the BCC field. 

To avoid the annoying email, use bcc if necessary to prevent spreading your email address.