Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stiff Neck

I suffered severe pain in the neck about 2 weeks, and from my experienced, here's my explanation about it.

Stiff Neck and Causes

Sometimes we wake up with a stiff neck on occasion. A stiff neck is uncomfortable and painful. Whether it comes from sitting at a computer for hours wrong sleeping position, sitting at your desk the wrong way, repeating a position with your head down over a long period of time, and lifting too heavy a weight can all contribute to a stiff neck or sometimes because of cold and taking action on many things in wrong and quickly methods of movement.

Cessation of a long time in one position can also cause, or even simply numb. Stress can manifest itself in tension in your neck muscles. A back injury or whiplash also can lead to a stiff neck. Also consider your television watching habits and your sleep habits. Those who sleep in uncomfortable positions with an unsuitable pillow can be subjecting themselves to the risk of a stiff neck. Sitting too forward while watching television puts strain on the smaller muscles in your neck.

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Treatment Options

Take Advil or Tylenol or any pain reliever. Apply a muscle ointment or liniment along the sore neck muscles.

Within the first two or three days of neck pain, you also can apply an ice pack or cool compress. After a few days, use a heating pad.

After one week and it still hurts and If you believe stress is the cause, work on relaxing through massage, yoga, a hot bath, hot shower and even aromatherapy or acupuncture. If the pain is moderate to severe and persists despite icing and heating the area, see a doctor, who may run a series of tests. He also may prescribe muscle relaxers to ease the tension.
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