Saturday, September 10, 2011

Find your better Job & Career in UAE

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I just want to share below hundreds job hiring that I saw on the internet today.

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Chocolate Molding Staff 
Preferably Filipino 
AED 3,500 - 4,000 p.m. 

17 years functional experience in the food industry with proficiency in Product Development, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Food Analysis, GMP & Food Safety. Create and improve recipes of chocolate, cream, caramel, wafer and confectionery products. Devised a quality inspection system for raw and packaging materials, in-process, and finished product resulting to higher level of accuracy and efficiency in routine analysis. Machine Chocolate Molder Job Description and Duties consists of 10 main points:- - Tends machine and equipment that deposit tempered chocolate into molds to form bars, blocks, and assorted figures. - Opens valves to draw chocolate from tempering kettle or automatic tempering equipment into water-jacketed depositor of molding machine. - Observes thermometer and turns valves to admit and circulate water in jacket to maintain specified temperature of chocolate in depositor. - Adjusts piston stroke of depositor that forces measured amounts of chocolate into conveyorized molds, using handtools. - Turns handwheel to adjust speed of conveyor. - Starts machine. - Weighs filled molds to ensure that weight of chocolate casts meet specifications. - Observes thermometer and turns thermostat and valve to control temperature in cooling tunnel. - Observes action of machine to ensure that molds do not jam.