Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stainless steel can remove odors.

Did you know that you can remove odors from fish, onions, garlic etc., from your hands by rub your hands across the blade of a stainless steel knife?
I don't have scientific evidence how stainless steel can removes odors. But, nothing bad happens if you will try this. I learned this brilliant Idea from my lola (my grandmother) when I was 11 years old she instructed me to slice 14 pieces of onion and after that, I cannot remove the bad smell in my hand, she told me that rub your hands across the stainless steel knife carefully to remove the odors, then wash your hands with water.

In the absence of plausible chemical explanations of why this may work, or experiments using controls, it is unknown whether the stainless steel soap is actually effective.

Stainless steel consists of mainly iron and chromium, and contains a thin layer of chromium (III) oxide on its surface. Metal oxides are Lewis acids and readily catalyze oxidations. Iron and chromium oxides can be used as oxidation catalysts, effective for industrial-scale oxidation of odorous reduced sulfur compounds at a temperature of 180 C. For this to occur to begin with, the compounds must adsorb on the metal oxide surface. Chromium (III) may also act as an adsorbent only. Another plausible [citation needed] explanation is that a thin layer of grease, containing the odorous compounds, is rubbed off mechanically onto the steel surface.

There are similar applications, such as stainless steel discs in shoes and dishwashers, that claim to absorb odors.

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