Tuesday, November 09, 2010

HOW HAPPY ARE YOU? Test your self! Find out here!


To find out, take this 10 question quiz.

Choose 1 answer for each question. Answer honestly, and then check your responses against the scoring key.


Give yourself one point for each A answers NO point for B answer and two points for each C answer.


1.) When I look at my over-all life, I feel:

A. it's been more good that bad

B. it's been more bad than good

C. it's been overwhelmingly good.

2.) At the end of the day, I usually fee:

A. I could have accomplished more

B. Relieved that it's over

C. Satisfied with how things went.

3.) When I look in the mirror, I

A. think what I see is OK

B. see a lot of faults

C. am pleased with what I see

4.) I wish the days were

A. longer so I could sleep more

B. Shorter because I get bored so often

c. longer because there are many things to do

5.) If you hear a newscast about gang murders, drugs overdoses and rapes, you tell yourself

A. I'm lucky I haven’t been a victim

B. I should go out as little as possible

C. the news emphasizes the bad, but good people outnumbered the bad

6.) When I wake up in the morning I'm generally

A. accepting about what the day will bring

B. upset that I couldn't have slept longer

C. excited to start the day

7.) I think my friends are

A. OK to be around, but nothing special

B. not as interesting as they should be

C. special people I'm lucky to call friends

8.) Comparison to others, I would describe myself as

A. being just likes everyone else

B. not as valuable as most people

C. a unique person with lots to offer

9.) If you put on 10 pounds you

A. tell yourself putting on weight is part of growing up

B. realize you'll struggle to lose weight but your efforts won't work

C. starts diet and exercise program right away

10.) When you're feeling down in the dumps, you

A. know the mood will pass

B. thinks that the bad feeling will linger for a long time

C. do something fun to get out of the bad mood


Total =_______


14-20 POINTS:

You're not happy, flexible person with a positive attitude. You take control of your life and try to make the best of any circumstances.

7-14 POINTS:

You're not unhappy, but you're not happy either. You have a combination of positive and negative attitudes. By trying to find the opportunity in bad circumstances, you can start to shape yourself into a truly happy person.


You're not seeing the bright side of things often enough and need to start a program to make yourself happier. Spend more time with people who have positive attitudes and make time for a hobby or activity you've always wanted to try. The more positive people and activities you have in your life, the happier you'll be.

(Just for fun only!)

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