Tuesday, November 09, 2010

How can I find my Computer Specifications?

Here's is the easily steps:
I. Right click on "my computer" >  properties

Click on the "hardware" tab.
Click on "device manager


II. Click Start > All programs > Accessories > system tools > system information.
    (This might be all you need right here)
For Graphics click start or type > run (into search bar) > type dxdiag > click ok.
If it comes up a message first click yes> then up at the top of the tabs click Display.

For RAM, CPU information and clock speed follow the same steps above but instead of clicking on Display click on System.

For Hard Drive space go to start  > my computer > right click local disk (C: )

> properties- then it will tell you your used and free computer hard drive space.

**Hope I could help. Thanks for visit.**

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