Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PC System Recovery Optional Process

I repaired my friends PC, 3 computers with deferent problems but same model and operating system.

I experienced three ways to recover the PC to the original operating condition and I want it to share to you, this is my tutorial steps from my experienced:

Recovery process can take an hour up or more, and is not complete until the prompt to login to the computer screen. When the recovery is complete, be sure to run the Microsoft Windows Update and or check to install all updated drivers and software.

Before anything else I recommend to back-up your important files first.



If computer can boot to the windows desktop, launch the Recovery Manager.

Restore the PC to its original condition with the Recovery Manager from Windows click START and enter RECOVERY in the search bar. Select Recovery Manager.

Allow the action to continue, if prompted. Or you can click advanced options,

SYSTEM RECOVERY, and then click Next, PC sometimes or maybe will restart and reopen the recovery manger. If PC start or the recovery settings open select the System Recovery option click next.

(If Microsoft System Restore program opens, click NO after click NEXT).

Recovery process may take up to several hours and will return the PC to its original condition.

Any custom settings, drivers, software programs and updates, and/or hardware updates are lost and must be reinstalled.


The other one PC cannot launch into Windows, when I tried the First option,

What I did is, I turned-off the PC and I pressed the power button to start the PC again, and then I pressed f11 key 4 times then I accessed the recovery partition on the hard drive.

I followed the screen instructions and recovery displayed until I made new setup.

Recovery proceeded 45 minutes, but process maybe depending to your computer.


When the 3rd PC cannot access the Windows desktop and the Recovery Manager cannot be started when I selected f11 key on the startup, I used the PC personalized recovery discs.
(This 3 DVD discs is created the day when my friend bought this computer.)

Here are the option 3 steps:

  • Insert the first recovery disc or disc 1 in the optical disc drive and re-start the computer immediately to force the computer to start from the recovery disc.

  • When prompted, Press any key to boot from CD or DVD, press any key on the keyboard.

  • Allow the recovery disc to start and load the required files while the Microsoft loading screen is displayed. It may take several minutes to load the required files.

  • By reformatting using the recovery disc, computer will ask you to reformat also the drive d or D:/ in time, this is optional, if you want to make a new setup of recovery to your drive d, tick or choose reformat your drive D:/ and computer will make new back-up recovery or HDD recovery after.

  • When the Recovery Manager Window displays, click advanced options, System recovery, and then click Next to open the Recovery Manager.

If my option 1 & 2 did not work, and if you have not created a personal recovery disc, or the recovery disc fails or become corrupted, you can ask or order new recovery disc from your supplier. You can order directly to internet and directly install. To order new recovery disc, needs your computer license, model, brand, year of purchased and so on.

NOTE: These instructions are based only to my experienced and study, steps is always depends to your decisions, computer model and operating system. Just follow and allow the screen instructions.