Monday, October 03, 2011

Facebook Basic Symbols

Insert symbol into chat window

There are two ways to insert symbols into chat window of facebook community network:

1. ALT + number #

Before you start, Turn ON your NumLock button on your keyboard (if it is not turned on already).

Note that NumLock button is placed on the top right side of your keyboard.

Press and hold left ALT button on your keyboard and type the following number to get particular symbol.

Important notice: To get this to work you need to type numbers on right side of the keyboard characters (not those number at the top of the keyboard characters, but those under NumLock button):

Number Symbol Meaning
1 Happy smile
2 Black happy smile
3 Hearts
4 Diamonds
5 Clubs
6 Spades
7 Point
8 Spot
9 Circle
10 White circle
11 Male
12 Female
13 Music tone
14 Two music notes
15 Sun
16 Forward
17 Backward
18 Up and down
19 Exclamation
20 Hang
21 § Ying and yang
22 Line
23 Arrow up-down
24 Arrow up
25 Arrow down
26 Arrow right
27 Arrow left
28 Corner
29 Arrow left-right
30 Triangle
31 Reverse triangle

Laptop instructions for adding symbols:

1. For using symbols on laptop, user needs to hold Fn button and ALT button at the same time and then press number # to get particular symbol.

2. On laptop they will not work if user inserts normal numbers (that are placed over characters of keyboard). There are numbers that are placed on characters and can be seen on keyboard in the bottom right corner of it. For those that cannot find it, we wrote it here:

J = 1

K = 2

L = 3

U = 4

I = 5

O = 6

7 = 7

8 = 8

9 = 9

2. Direct Copy symbol from web site (copy & paste)

Select symbol with your mouse and right click that symbol and press Copy button on your keyboard (you can also use Ctrl+C to copy symbol after you selected it).


(source fb)