Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What kind of PHOBIA you have?

PHOBIA is an extreme fear, morbid dread on something.

Note that ordinary fear is not PHOBIA. If you don't know what kind of PHOBIA you have, maybe you can find here, just stay takes minute to read this blog.


acrophobia fear of high places (like top of building)

acrophobia fear of a high elevation (like plane riding)

agoraphobia fear of large open spaces or open places like in a desert

aichmophobia fear of knives

ailurophobia fear of cats

amageiricophobia intense fear of having to cook

amathophobia fear of dust

anatidaephobia the fear that whatever you are, a duct is watching

androphobia fear of man by a woman

anemophobia fear of wind

angoraphobia fear of soft sweaters and rabbits

anthropophobia fear of men or of human beings

arachnophobia fear of spiders

archibutyrophobia fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth

astraphobia fear of depths

batrachophobia fear of frogs

belonophobia fear of needles

botophobia fear of cellars

bibliophobia fear of books

chionophobia fear of snow

climacophobia fear of stairs

coitophobia fear of sexual intercourse

cynophobia fear of dogs

dipsophobia fear of alcoholic

ergophobia fear of work

eurotophobia fear of female genitals

gamaphobia fear of marriage

geraphobia fear of old age

gerontophobia fear of old men

graphophobia fear of writing

gynephobia fear of women

heliophobia fear of sunlight

hematophobia fear of blood

heortophobia fear of holidays

hippopbobia fear of horses

hodophobia fear of travel

homichlophobia / aquaphobia fear of water

hypnophobia fear of sleep

iatrophobia fear of doctors

ichthyophobia fear of fish

iophobia the fear of rust

katagelophobia fear of ridicule

lyssophobia fear of insanity

monophobia/autophobia fear of solitude or of being alone

maieusiophobia fear of childbirth

metrophobia fear of motherhood

musophobia fear of telling lies

necrophobia/thanatophobia fear of death

nosophobia or pathophobia fear of disease

nyctophobia fear of darkness

ochlophobia fear of crowd or mobs

ombrophobia fear of rain

ophidiophobia fear of snakes

pantaphobia morbid dread of everything without particular cause

pediculophobia fear of lice

pedophobia fear of children

peniophobia fear of poverty

phasmophobia fear of ghosts

photophobia fear of light

phronemophobia fear of thingking

plutophobia fear of wealth

pognophobia fear of beards

potamophobia fear of rivers

pyrophobia fear of fire

quadruphobia fear of four-way stops and not knowing who goes next

scelerophobia fear of burglars

siderophobia fear of stars

sitophobia fear of food or aversion to food

spectropobia fear of mirrors

taeniophobia fear of tapeworms

taphephobia fear of ocean

taxiphobia fear of poison or of being poisoned (toxicophobia)

triskaidekaphobia fear of the number 13

xenophobia fear of strangers